Fund Raising!
Call us to discuss your idea!
Ask about our
Domino's Pizza
We can bring the
store, and the
profits, to you!
Want the frills and prizes!
Call Christy at
Platinum Fundrasing
for the
Slice the Price
Domino's Pizza Card
Pizza drops.
Outside our delivery areas? Take orders at your school or
organization and we'll deliver them to your location for
pickup at a specified time.

Bring Domino's to your town!
We have mobile Domino's Stores which can be brought to
your location for fund raising projects.

Do you have a great fund raising idea? Give us a call.
304 242-6961
or just file out the form below
Other fund raising ideas.
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Neat Stuff!
Fun Stuff!
Have a Domino's
Pizza night for
your organization.
Here is how it
Contact the store in
your nieghborhood
and choose a week
night for your fund
raiser. Have
everyone in your
group, friends,
relatives, strangers
you've never met,
call  and mention
your organization
when they order.
Domino's will give
your group 20% of
the order.
It's easy, fun, and
Call your
Domino's Pizza or
our office for
304 242-6961
use the form
below or you may
wish or send an
email to:
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Your email address:
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